Landscape Installation

We will work with you from the very beginning to assure that your landscape environment is a unique statement about you.

Our expert landscape contractors provide professional landscaping techniques and procedures to make sure your landscape designs are properly implemented.

We selectively highlight the specialties of different designers, such as plant selection, hardscape design, or irrigation, in order to achieve award winning results on any project.

The main advantage a customer has when working with Robert Thomas Landscape Environments on their landscape design is beauty and function. A Robert Thomas design will not only look stunning but be functional.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are always popular with our clients and are ideal for distinctive walkways and durable driveways. Brick pavers provide a superior alternative to patterned concrete or asphalt, due to their inherent ability to survive the freeze and thaw cycles in Michigan. In addition to using only brand name pavers, we use only the finest base materials in order to assure the highest quality finished job.

Deck Building

Outdoor decking has been a viable option for many years and is still a preferred surface for many homes today. With the new maintenance free products, such as composite decking, Decks are growing again in popularity. Our team members have years of experience in deck building and can accommodate any situation you may have. Whether its treated, cedar or composite deck in which you desire, we can make sure we work with you to create a space which will be enjoyed for many years to come.


Nursery stock is the heart of any landscape. We have developed relationships with wholesale nursery farms across North America to ensure that we provide only the finest in plant, shrub, and tree material. Our private five-acre nursery assures that we have the right plant in stock to compliment your landscape environment. We use the highest quality plant material and back it with a full one-year warranty.
Mulch is an essential groundcover beneath your well-positioned plantings. We know that it can be difficult to find rich looking durable mulch, and that is why we produce our own. Our fine-quality hardwood mulch accents your landscape while inhibiting weed growth.

Tree transplanting (up to 10” caliper trees) – If you desire a mature deciduous tree to shade your patio or a large evergreen tree to provide privacy, then consider tree transplanting. Our tree spade can transplant trees with up to a 10” caliper trunk and 25’ height.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscape environmental lighting is gaining popularity all across the country with prestigious residential and commercial construction like yours. Our clients choose outdoor lighting to add beauty as well as to improve the overall safety and security of their homes. 

Landscape environmental lighting will allow you to enjoy the landscape investment you have made in your home long after you return home from work. Activities such as dining on the patio, relaxing near the pool or waterfall, or nighttime outdoor entertainment are now all possible.

We can design a magnificent nighttime landscape environment for your home or business, incorporating low voltage path lights, area lights, back lights, up lights, down lights, or submersible pond lights controlled by energy efficient timers or photocells.

Outdoor Structures

To truly create an outdoor living space for your property, many times an outdoor structure can add a designated space for you and your guest to spend their time. It may be a pergola, arbor or even a cabana with a fully covered roof to add the elements necessary to create the “landscape environment” for your home or property. Over the past 10 years we have added valuable team members to our crews so our clients are not limited to what we can create. We are proud to be a company which can offer all the necessary options and experience to our clients to create their outdoor living space.

Stamped & Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete has been growing popularity over the past 15 years in the landscape field. With endless different patterns and colors to choose from, Decorative and stamped concrete has become a great alternative to the traditional surfaces. We have created relationships with our local distributors to offer the latest in textures and patterns. In addition to only using quality concrete, we use only the finest base materials in order to assure the highest quality job.

Stone Work

When properly positioned and set, natural rock materials can make a significant difference in the appearance of your landscape environment. Whether you desire a natural winding stairway, a durable wall, a stepping stone pathway, or simply a few well-placed accent boulders, these natural materials will provide years of maintenance free pleasure.

Natural stone is an ideal material to create a natural path between landscape features. It is hard to beat the beauty and permanence of materials made by Mother Nature. You can choose from many natural materials found in Michigan including grindstone, limestone, fieldstone, slate, and more.

Retaining walls, often a necessity, can beautifully accent your landscape for years to come. Our skilled crews install natural stone, boulder, and split-block walls in even the most daunting terrains for structural, aesthetic, and functional purposes.

Water Features

Waterfall Features are increasing in popularity. We have extensive experience in creating elegant “Aquascapes” that provide the sounds of soothing tranquility. With proper design and construction, Aquascapes are easy to maintain and will increase the value of your property. Whether you desire a small Aquascape Feature or construction of an Aquascape masterpiece, we can accommodate your desires.

For year round enjoyment, consider the possibility of bringing your landscaping inside. Indoor water features and plantings can bring the relaxing environment of the outdoors into your home or business.