March Gardening Tip

Garden Pond Start Up:

mar1_lgWith spring just around the corner its time to get your pond or water feature ready for summer. The first thing is to clean out as much of the organic materials that have fallen into the water as possible (leaves, twigs, and any other plant debris). Pull all filters and flush them with water or replace worn or damaged filters if necessary, install pump and turn on. Spring is the best time to pot or repot water lilies and other aquatics plants.

Spring cleanup:

With spring approaching, it is time to get out in the garden and start cleaning up. Cut back perennials of all dead growth remaining from last season. Also cut back all ornamental grasses that are still left standing from last year. Cut all the larger grasses to about 8 to 10 inches from the ground. Also cut back liriope to the ground; this plant looks much better if it is cleaned up every spring and left to come back as new shoots. Clean up all leaves and branches that have fallen on lawn and bed areas, being sure to clean up all leaves in and under all plants to get ready for the coming growing season. [Read more…]