April Gardening Tip

Fertilize perennials:

apr1_lgIn order to retain your established perennials’ appearance, apply a slow-release fertilizer by scratching it in around the newly emerging perennials. Most perennials are very heavy feeders and this will provide a full season of fertilizing. This fertilizer may also be applied to ornamental grasses to give them good color and vigorous growth.

Edging and mulching:

With the spring season here, it is time for edging and mulching. Edging is done either by hand or with a machine; this creates a distinct, physical definition between bed and lawn area and prevents grass from growing into the beds. Mulch should be applied to all bed areas. 1 to 2 inches should be applied to existing beds making sure that mulch is pulled back away from the crown of the plant to avoid crown rot. Mulch is applied for many reasons–it helps to control weeds; as it breaks down, it supplies organic material for the plants; it holds moisture, and it insulates the soil from extreme temperatures. [Read more…]